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The Musician's Business and Legal Guide is available at

The Musician's Business and Legal Guide

by Mark Halloran (Compiler) Beverly Hills Bar Association Committee for the Arts

The Musician's Business and Legal Guide provides a collection of articles on all legal aspects of the music industry.
Published by Prentice Hall Trade 2001 3rd Edition,  ISBN 0130316814 [Book]
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A simple recording of a live performance of our band led to some rather extensive investigation and discussion of various legal issues involved in music, recording, copyright, and licensing laws. A band member and occasional teacher of entertainment law gave me a copy of The Musician's Business and Legal Guide, which has proved to be an invaluable resource.

The very first section is entitled Group Breakups, so you know right away that the material is going to be relevant! Here is an outline of the main sections:

  • Getting Started: Music as a Business
    • Group Breakups
    • Entertainment Group Names: Selection and Protection
    • Business Entities
    • How To Set Up A Money Deal
    • Music Attorneys
    • Mediation For Musicians
  • Protecting Your Compositions
    • Copyrights: The Law and You
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Sampling: Legal Overview And Practical Guidelines
    • Music and New Media
    • Collaborator / Songwriter Agreements
  • Music Publishing
    • Performing Rights Organizations: An Overview
    • Music Publishing
    • Analysis of a Single-song Agreement
    • Analysis Of An Exclusive Term Songwriter Agreement
    • Music Licensing For Television and Film: A Perspective For Songwriters
    • Pop Music For Soundtracks
  • Performing and Marketing
    • Club Contracts
    • Showcasing
    • Publicity: How To Get It
    • Using The Internet To Promote Your Music
    • Music Unions
    • Merchandising Agreements
  • Managers and Agents
    • What A Manager Does
    • Analysis Of A Personal Management Agreement
    • Talent Agencies
    • Business Managers
  • Recording
    • Practical Aspects of Securing Major Label Agreements
    • Analysis of a Recording Contract
    • How To Read And Evaluate Your Artist Royalty Statements
    • Analysis Of A Record Producer Agreement
    • Recording And Distribution Contracts With Independent And Major Labels
  • Resources, Services, and Bibliography
  • Contributors
    • Stephen Bigger, Laurence J. Blake, John Braheny, Bartley F. Day, Robert M. Dudnik, Steven Gardner, Todd E. Gelfand, Brad Gelfond, Ronald H. Gertz, Mark Halloran, Edward R. Hearn, Neville L. Johnson, Christopher Knab, Evanne L. Levin, Linda A. Newmark, Peter T. Paterno, John R. Phillips, Diane Sward Rapaport, Margaret Robley, Alfred Schlesinger, James A. Sedivy, Madeleine E. Seltzer, Peter Spellman, Gregory T. Victoroff, Thomas A. White.

The Musician's Business and Legal Guide is a very thorough resource for any musician thinking beyond the basement.

Book reviewed by Greg Dixon
Wednesday, October 9, 2002

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