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The Man Who Listens to Horses

by Monty Roberts

A fascinating auto biography and practical "how to" book about Monty Roberts' insight into communicating and working with horses and other animals.
Published by Ballantine Books December 1998,  ISBN 034542705X [Book,Kindle]
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Monty Roberts was a child protégé who grew up was horses and began whinning show competitions at a very young age. As a boy, Monty also had an instinct and an insight into how to communicate and work with horses that avoided the cruelty and adversarial relationships between man and horse created by the violent "breaking" techniques traditionally used to train horses.

The book chronicles and shares the insights and techniques he calls "join-up" he has developed over decades of working with horses and other animals. Many thousands of times Monty has demonstrated taking completely untrained horses from distrust and fear to accepting a saddle and rider, often within thirty minutes. Traditional breaking techniques can take weeks and leaves horse and rider with a relationship founded on fear.

His demonstrations have taken him all over the world and have led to work with the Queen's horses and many many championship horses in racing, rodeo, and show arenas.

There is something evolutionary about Monty Roberts approach to horses. He has also found that the techniques work well with other flight animals such as deer. There are also lessons to be learned in human relationships, both within the family and within the work place.

A very worthwhile read.

Book,Kindle reviewed by Greg Dixon
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

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Subject keywords: psychology, success, self improvement, communication, horses, horsemanship, gentling