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The Inner Game Of Music

by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey

Bassist Barry Green wrote this classic on the psychology of playing music inspired by Timothy Gallwey's Inner Game books. The insights and exercises can help you achieve a greater joy of music.
Published by Doubleday 1986,  ISBN 0385231261 [Book,Kindle]
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The Inner Game of Music was inspired by W. Timothy Gallwey's Inner Games books such as The Inner Game of Tennis. Bassist Barry Green wondered if some of the approaches used in sport would also apply to music performance.

One of the main ideas of the book is that performance is equal to potential less mental interference. In other words, one goal is to reduce the amount of mental interference that gets in the way of an excellent performance. I can relate to that!

The chapters include:

  1. The Mozart In Us
  2. The Inner Game
  3. The Inner Game Skills
  4. The Power Of Awareness
  5. The Power Of Will
  6. The Power Of Trust
  7. Letting Go
  8. Coping With Obstacles
  9. Improving The Quality Of Musical Experience
  10. Teaching And Learning
  11. The Inner Game Listener
  12. Parent And Coach
  13. Integration And Balance
  14. Ensemble Playing
  15. Improvisation, Composition, and Creativity

There are many excellent insights and exercises in this book to help you achieve greater performance, confidence, and joy in your musical adventures.

Book,Kindle reviewed by Greg Dixon
Saturday, June 12, 2010

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