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The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music is available at

The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music

by Victor L. Wooton

An insightful and fascinating adventure in music through unusual music lessons and teachers.
Published by Berkley Trade April 1, 2008,  ISBN 0425220931 [Paperback,Kindle]
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My sister recommended this book to me. It is quite an adventure and well worth the journey. Victor receives a series of visits and lessons that bridge music, spirituality, and our human gifts. The writing is fresh and innovative, with many priceless insights.

The contents include:

  • Grace Note
  • The Beginning
  • Groove
    You should never lose the groove in order to find a note.
  • Notes
    If you stopped playing notes, Music would still exist.
  • Articulation/Duration
    Every time you move, and every time you play a note, a piece of yourself is left behind.
  • Technique
    Are you using magic?
    Yes I am. It's called technique.
  • Emotion/Feel
    A child playing air guitar plays no wrong notes.
  • Dynamics
    Most people play louder to get someone's attention, but getting quieter can stop a bull from charging.
  • Rhythm/Tempo
    If you pay attention correctly, it won't matter if you are in another room or another state, you will still be able to feel the pulse.
  • Tone
    Doctors use lasers to operate. Music, in the right hands, can do the same thing.
  • Phrasing
    Anything, including physical actions, can be phrased.
  • Space/Rest
    Life is a lot like Music. You've gotta put some rest in there.
  • Listening
    We think that music stops at the ears. That is a mistake. Vibrations can be felt in all places and at all times, even with the eyes.
  • The Dream?
    In all your musical years, when have you ever truthfully said 'Thank You' to your bass guitar?
  • Back to the Beginning
    What is more dangerous to a person: success or failure?

Good stuff!

Paperback,Kindle reviewed by Greg Dixon
Sunday, May 24, 2009

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