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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

by Tom Robbins

A free-spirited literary romp in the Dakota prairie grass.
Published by Bantam Books 1976, 1993,  ISBN 055334949X [Book,Kindle]
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Freedom is a theme that runs throughout Tom Robbins' wild adventure featuring Sissy Hankshaw, a woman born with enormous thumbs that help her become a perpetual woman in motion. Her journey brings her in full contact with many unique characters across a vast American landscape of sexuality, language, ideas, adventure, and identity. The unrestrained writing style might be summarized as:

I believe in everything; nothing is sacred.
I believe in nothing; everything is sacred.
Ha ha ho ho and hee hee.

Dr. Robbins

Keep an open mind and expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed.

Book,Kindle reviewed by Greg Dixon
Wednesday, May 10, 2000

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Subject keywords: novel literature American philosophy