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Pat Metheny Songbook

by Pat Metheny

The Pat Metheny Song Book provides a comprehensive collection of music transcriptions and commentary for jazz guitarist Pat Metheny's extensive work with Lyle Mays and others over 25 years. Published by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation June 2000,  ISBN 0634007963 [Music Book]
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The Pat Metheny Song Book includes an introduction, biography, discography, milestones, transcriptions, and commentary by Pat Metheny on most of the compositions and recordings in 448 pages.  The music is presented in "fake book" or lead sheet format, providing enough information about chords, melodies, and other features for performers to get the essence and make it their own when playing it themselves.  A full tab of this work would probably be thousands of pages long!

This is a great resource for musicians who want personal insights into both the creative process and the compositions of Pat Metheny.

Music Book reviewed by Greg Dixon
Wednesday, August 30, 2000

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