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In the Shadow of the Shaman: Connecting with Self, Nature & Spirit is available at

In the Shadow of the Shaman: Connecting with Self, Nature & Spirit

by Amber Wolfe

Amber Wolfe provides a practical introduction to her Aquarian shamanism.
Published by Llewellyn Publications 1988, Seventh Printing 1993,  ISBN 0875428886 [Book,Kindle]
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Amber Wolfe shares her experiences and acquired wisdom to describe her special blend of Aquarian shamanism. Amber Wolfe draws from her practice of pychotherapy, Native American and Wiccan traditions, and from other philosophies of Nature to help you explore your shamanic potential.

I have reproduced her Preface here to best describe In The Shadow of the Shaman:

"The path of the shaman is the path of the Self in deepest connection to Nature. Shamanism deals with the purest forms of Nature energies and elements. The shaman stands centered in balance at the core of all energies and all worlds. The relationship that the shaman has to these worlds is the most sacred communion with Nature. It is a most personal connection.

"In ancient times, most people were unable to deal directly with the energies of the other worlds. Survival was most difficult, and few others but the shaman could be spared to explore the Nature wisdoms. Today we have evolved in our brains and in our environment to a place of mass communication and technological advances that give us freedom to learn. Now we turn our hearts and minds back to the messages of Nature. We seek once again to journey to the other worlds of Nature-and of our selves. We choose to follow the path of the shaman.

"We are mapmakers charting our own path. The path of the shaman leads us in and out of the chaos of pure Nature energie—a collage of elements spinning around us. For a moment in time this collage of chaos crystallizes into a clear vision. We chart our experiences and take our bearings. We travel on, just as the shamans of old.

"Some of us travel to learn only for ourselves, and that is enough. We are each wheels spinning within the greater wheels of life. Some of us travel to learn and teach. We grasp at shadows in the darkness, hoping to catch a wisdom to share. Sometimes we are able to do this. Then we share the knowledge sacredly in hopes that others may also be encouraged to learn.

"And this we know all too well, what we share is no more or less than our own soul's journey. The shadows we grasp, like the shadows we cast, are none other than our own. When we share our shadowy glimpses of the other worlds, we offer nothing less than a part of our own soul's wisdom. This we do to mark the way for other souls' journeys. The shadow of the shaman is the soul of the shaman. The soul of the shaman is the soul of Nature.

"When we share our journey, as shamans have done throughout the ages, we are sharing sacred wisdom. Like the ancient books of shadows handed down carefully from one person of wisdom to another person of wisdom, we share the knowledge. We cannot share the experience, only tell of it. The experience is yours to find.

"In the Shadow of the Shaman follows the ancient tradition of shamans, wizards, wise women, sorcerers, and sorceresses who charted their journeys and shared the wisdom. This book is a manual, a journal, a cookbook of sorts. It is a book of the shadows of one person travel ing along the path of the shaman. One person using wisdoms old and new as traveling companions in the journeys to all the worlds of Nature—and beyond.

"It is for you to add to this book of shadows or cast it out and make your own. The path of the shaman is the path of the Self. Only you can map the path of your Self. So use the wisdom offered herein to give you strength on your journey. When the reading is done, go out and make your own wisdom in the world. Find the soul of Nature.

"In the Shadow of the Shaman is a map of many levels. All worlds are blended, separated, explored, and blended again. All the worlds are shown here with the clarity and the chaos that mark the path of the shaman.

"May the shadows cast here encourage your own shamanic journey—journey of the soul."

Amber Wolfe

I must confess some ambivalence on my part for recommending this book, perhaps based on my lack of understanding and discomfort with Wiccan traditions and perhaps even psychoanalysis. However, Amber Wolfe shares her journey with such evident love and good intentions that I invite you to evaluate the book for yourself.

Important: Amber Wolfe provides cautions where appropriate—please do not take the warnings lightly.

The superb cover is a painting by Victoria Poyser-Lisi. The warm illustrations in the book are by Amber Wolfe.

Book,Kindle reviewed by Greg Dixon
Sunday, July 4, 1999

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