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The Painter's Keys<br>A Seminar With Robert Genn is available at

The Painter's Keys
A Seminar With Robert Genn

by Robert Genn

A transcript of a two-day seminar with Robert Genn that includes many valuable insights into the business, motivation, quality, and mindset of being a successful artist.
Published by Studio Becket Publications 1997,  ISBN 155056479X [Book]
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I have subscribed to Robert Genn's Painter's Keys newsletter for many years and have always looked forward to the regular sharing of valuable insights for painters and anyone trying to master an art form.

I received a copy of this book for Christmas and highly recommend to any artist. Always informative and entertaining, the transcript of the two-day workshop covers a lot of ground in 144 pages. There are discussions of dealers, marketing, becoming a better artist, planning for quality, studio habits, adding value, painting strategies, women as artists, tools, and media.

The Seven Secrets that Robert once presented in an impromptu hypnosis session were:

  1. You will have rebirth in your seeing. You will now be independent of the expectations of others, and you will have a fresh new visions of the world. Simple things will come alive for you.
  2. You will begin to concentrate on your art for a set time every day. You will now awaken each day with a desire to find out what the day will bring. You will work like a robot and not tire from it.
  3. You will be guided by your intuition to seek those areas in which you need to improve and which you have been avoiding. You will enrich yourself with new areas of study and you will develop facilities previously unknown to yourself.
  4. You will take joy in building on those areas which you now do well. You will put your assets into regular practice and experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem. You will see the flower of your personal style grow before you.
  5. You will beef up your volume. You will paint so much that you will pass through amateur noodling and into professional bravura. You will put your bad work behind you through sheer production.
  6. You will now overflow with personal confidence in the knowledge that you are in full control of your artistic destiny and that with the deep resources of your subconscious mind you can accomplish anything you want.
  7. Like the turning on of a light you will gain a brilliant new satisfaction in the work itself. You will bring to it a degree of completeness, and you will take pride in it and both expect and find fulfillment and success when you show your work to others.

Sounds like a recipe for success in art, music, and almost any human endeavor. This and much more is in the The Painter's Keys.

Book reviewed by Greg Dixon
Saturday, January 5, 2013

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A Seminar With Robert Genn


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