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  • Welcome to Exploring English
    Explore the rich aspects of the English language, including the parts of speech, sentence structure, challenging words, style guidelines, and punctuation..
  • Verbs
    Intoduction to verbs.
  • Style Overview
    Style introduction
  • Adverbs
    Adverb discussion

Top Reviews:

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
Looking for a few choice phrases? The Oxford Book of Quotations is full of quotations from many great writers.
The Gregg Reference Manual
The Gregg Reference Manual provides a comprehensive and practical guide to English usage and conventions.
Figures of Speech: 60 ways to turn a phrase
Figures of Speech: 60 ways to turn a phrase provides a fun departure into rhetorical figures of speech.
The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style is perhaps the one guide to English usage that everyone could use regularly.

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