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Site Map

Here are articles and photos available on the site [list section articles only]:

  • Blind Rhymin Cornbread – The search for blues legend, Blind Rhymin' Cornbread [Exploring Music]
  • Santa's Little Helpers – My Baby's Going to Jail for Christmas by Santa's Little Helpers [Exploring Music]
  • The Experimental Warrior – Visions: Mission Andromeda was created by Rocket Norton, John Hall, and Skip Prest as The Experimental Warrior. [Exploring Music]
  • Affect / Effect – The differences between affect and effect [Exploring English]
  • Allude / Elude – The differences between allude and elude [Exploring English]
  • Anybody / Any Body – The differences between anybody and any body [Exploring English]
  • Can / May – The differences between can and may [Exploring English]
  • Disinterested / Uninterested – Differences between disinterested and uninterested [Exploring English]
  • Principle / Principal – Differences between principle and principal [Exploring English]
  • That / Which – Difference between that and which [Exploring English]

Surveys and exercises

  • Goal Setting Exercise [Planning Exercise]
    Exercise to help identify goals and actions. [12 questions] Available to members only
  • Personal Status Report [Planning Exercise]
    Questions to help track progress and plan future tasks. [8 questions] Available to members only
  • To Do Or Not To Do [Decisions Exercise]
    Simple questions to help make a decision. [5 questions] Available to members only

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