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Event Presentation and Video Capture Package

Are you presenting concerts, recitals, workshops, training programs, or keynote events?

We can provide audio and video services to present to the audience and capture your event for repackaging for marketing, training DVD and CD products, subscription websites, and more.

Marketing masters such as Dan Kennedy, Rich Schefren, Andy Jenkins, Brendon Burchard, and Jeff Walker use video in campaigns that generate millions of dollars in sales. Capturing your event is a start. Music organizations can capture concerts for sharing.

Sound System

We can provide a sound system appropriate for the room, including:

  • Bose L1 speaker system with pristine sound clarity. Two Bose towers will fill almost any room. We can work with the audio-visual equipment provided by the facility.
  • Microphones (wired and wireless) for each presenter and for audience questions.
  • Digital mixer for tuning the performance audio and capturing each microphone on separate tracks for mixing and processing for use in future products.
  • Music from CDs and mobile devices (iPods, smart phones, mp3 players, tablets, ...) for use during presentations and breaks.

Video Capture

We will bring one or more HD cameras to capture the event. The main camera is a Sony NXCAM with options for using a shotgun microphone or connecting to the mixer. Lighting is available if needed.

Elements to capture on the day include:

  • Individual presentations
  • Workshop activities
  • Audience questions
  • Testimonials
  • Context footage
  • Music performances

Sample Event Capture Fees

Your event may be a few hours or many days. The following estimates assume a six-hour event and can be adjusted to match your event. We can simply provide video services if the audio components are not required or provided by the facility.

  • $200 for the first camera and operator. $100 for each additional camera. The minimum fee for shooting a presentation up to one hour is $200.
  • $200 to provide the sound system and record each microphone with a laptop computer.
  • Optional $200 to provide all of the video and audio on a dedicated external hard drive for future production work. You will have a copy of everything for review and we will have a copy. This will save a lot of time in production and provide a backup. Small projects may fit on a SDHC memory card or USB drive, which will be around $50. If you already own an external hard drive, SDHC card, or USB drive with enough capacity, we can simply copy the files to your device. Files can also be transferred with Internet services such as Dropbox, though large projects are best copied directly.

Production Options

Okay, now you have a lot of video and audio from your event. What do you do with it?

Marketing experts use video in campaigns that generate millions of dollars in sales. The video from your event can be edited for use in a number of ways:

  • Marketing clips for use on YouTube, Vimeo, Kajabi, websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Information products such as DVDs, CDs, iTunes, and subscription sites.
  • Concert and recital DVDs
  • Lead generation funnels.
  • Training programs.
  • Coaching feedback for presenters and performers
  • More ...

Additional resources for creating polished products could include existing manuals, graphics, licensed music, and shooting additional video. Some of the most effective videos use a combination of video, still images, and animated text.

We can also record voice over in a studio or at your location. We can even record your band, if you have one! We also provide audio, video, and lighting services for concerts.

Production Fees

Production effort can vary considerably according to the intended use. A simple extract of a testimonial can be done in under an hour. More elaborate productions that involve music, voice over, video, text, and images from a variety of sources can be very time intensive. We can produce specific products from the available assets on an hourly basis or provide estimates for specific projects.

We can help create DVDs, CDs, and subscription sites for selling your music or information products.

Please contact Greg Dixon at to discuss your project.


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