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Santa's Little Helpers

One November, upon witnessing a defendant’s girlfriend break down in tears as her man was put away for six months for being a violent idiot, a Crown lawyer (Canada’s equivalent of a District Attorney) snorted: “Ha! My baby’s going to jail for Christmas!” Knowing the phrase had hit potential for Santa’s Little Helpers, the lawyer called lyrical elf Bill Allman and said “You have GOT to write a song around this!”

Bill called up musical elf Chris Boden and the two men (both experienced songwriters) met and wrote “My Baby’s Going To Jail For Christmas” and called in singer elf, Shoshana Litvack-Hudson to record the vocal track. Santa's Little Helpers knew that they had found their long-sought hit!
A hilarious video soon followed, with Shoshana taking a break from her Channukah celebrations to don Santa’s “naughty list lingerie” and cavort in the snow, all in the name of art!

Now, here you are dear listener, at the ready, about to become the COOLEST person of all your Facebook friends for having downloaded this song (and having it stuck in your head for the holidays). Merry Christmas and/or good luck with your parole hearing!

Available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and soon most places where fine digital music is available.