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To Video Or Not To Video?

Okay. So you are an entrepreneur, created an information product, written a book, have a wedding or special event coming up, want to make a music video, have something to teach, have something to sell, or have a story to tell.

Is video for you?

Are professional video services for you?

The short answer to the first question is that services such as YouTube, Facebook, websites, and blogs make it easier than ever to share videos of all qualities to the world. Most smart phones and cameras now have decent video capabilities. Free software available on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines can provide decent video editing. Many of the new mobile devices can also edit.

So anyone interested in exploring video can just do it.

The harder questions involve whether or not to engage professional video services and at what level? Professional video can be as simple as capturing a presentation or event with a single professional camera and doing some simple tweaks, edits, and titling. It always seems to take way more time than expected, but a simple video can often be created for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands of dollars.

Video can also include strategic planning, project planning, scripting, script reviews, multiple location and multiple camera shoots, audio recording, audio engineering, music creation or licensing, colour correction, synchronization, editing, special effects, animations, advanced titling, multiple versions for review, repurposing, and rendering for different media. Even at a reasonable hourly rate, complex projects can end up costing $1,000 a finished minute or more. Movies in theatres often cost millions per finished minute to produce.

Many email and online marketing campaigns are now using video in their campaigns. Sometimes it is a simple personal presentation video. Others use presentation slides with voice over. Others combine a lot of different elements to make the presentation.

The best marketing videos provide useful information
that establishes the authority and credibility of the presenter.

While creating a nice video to post on YouTube and your website can help get your message out, it is probably not enough on its own to generate income and customers. Most of the high profile marketers like Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Brendon Bouchard, and their affiliate partners will hit you with a fairly constant stream of emails promoting new products. Many use squeeze pages to acquire email addresses to send you more information and videos in a series. Often a service like Infusionsoft is used to manage and automate the email and squeeze campaigns. These can be very effective: I purchased Andy Jenkin's The Video Boss following one of these campaigns (never a dull moment with Andy! Informative and entertaining). People can make a lot of money with these marketing campaigns. And some of the customers of these products can make a lot of money. Not everyone does.

If your product and service has a vision that resonates with enough people and companies that are
willing and able to pay for what you are offering, then an elaborate marketing campaign can pay off for you.

Nothing is guaranteed and it is worth getting a range of opinions from people with various areas of expertise before investing a lot of time and money. Watching a few episodes of Dragons' Den might not hurt either. You will get contradictory advice ranging from positive to negative. Don't be too quick to dismiss any one perspective and construct a balanced view for yourself. Something like realistic optimism can work.

After that, if you decide you want to use video in your marketing projects, we can help with the simple to the complex, including audio engineering, multiple HD cameras and locations, and a range of presentation styles and strategies.

In addition to marketing projects, we can help with video for a range of projects:

  • Special events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  • Concerts, presentations, and other special events.
  • Testimonials.
  • Instructional or informational videos for the Internet, personal computer, or DVD.
  • Public service announcements.
  • Music videos.
  • More …

We can provide professional script writers and producers that can help make your vision a reality.

We can also put you in touch with award-winning musicians and composers that can help with your music tracks. There are also many music tracks that can be licensed at reasonable costs.

The first step is to discuss your vision and how we might be able to help share it with the world. The process may include creating a proposal and possibly creating a detailed project plan for a fee. Best to know where you will end up and the effort it will take before starting!

Please contact Greg Dixon at or 604 985-8261 to discuss your project.