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Lazy Morning Yoga

Do you ever wake up in the morning far too early feeling frazzled with an urge to kickstart your body with coffee and tackle your gotta do but not sure why list? You are awake, so you might as well do something! Try Lazy Morning Yoga instead of coffee and The List.

The young woman to the right is working far too hard for Lazy Morning Yoga, but it is a beautiful photo anyway. You can do that sort of Yoga later in the day.

The most important step is to not get out of bed, though you could slip to the bathroom and have a drink of water if needed.

  • Start by lying on your back in the Savasana pose, with your arms comfortably by your side with hands and feet relaxed.
  • Allow yourself to breathe easily and deeply, as though you were sleeping. Your body will think it is sleeping and you may actually fall asleep – which would be ideal.
  • After a few minutes resting in the Savasana pose, bring your arms up to a forty-five degree angle from your body, and rest with your palms up. This should provide a light stretch to your shoulders and hands.
  • After a few minutes, try allowing your hands to relax and drape over the edge of the bed, increasing the stretch. You can also try spreading your fingers briefly, then allow them to return to a natural, relaxed position.
  • Move your arms to be straight out from your body and relax in that position for a while. Continue to breathe as though you were sleeping.
  • Move your arms to be above your head. You can touch your fingertips lightly or cross your arms. You may feel much more of a stretch in this position if you have stiff muscles. Try to relax and breathe deeply and naturally.
  • Your legs may be getting restless at this point. Try bringing your right ankle up under your left knee, allowing your right knee to flop to the right. If you are relaxed and flexible, your right knee will be able to rest on the bed with a light stretch. Some will need to ease into the pose over time.
  • Breathe as though you were sleeping and switch legs after a few minutes.
  • You can bring both knees up with your heels a few feet from your rear to relax your back.
  • At your leisure, turn on to your left side. You can put your right hand on your shoulder and allow your left arm to relax outward, palm up. Your left leg can be almost straight and your right knee bent up to provide a comfortable position on your side. Breathe as though you were sleeping. You may even fall asleep.
  • You can pull the right knee closer to your head to provide more of a stretch.
  • After a few minutes, turn over to your right side and repeat resting and stretching with your knee up.
  • Return to your back in the Savasana pose. Breathe as though you were sleeping.
  • When ready, get up and continue with your day, relaxed and refreshed.
You can also do this routine at night when you go to bed to help you get to sleep.

This is part of the YoGreChi tradition, which combines elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, and mostly things I make up. There may be more, but the key word here is Lazy.

Please check out Charles Pentland at for elements of Forrest Yoga and specialized yoga for rock climbers. Not lazy.

— Greg Dixon