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The Experimental Warrior

Visions: Mission Andromeda is a science-fiction story set to music that warns of the conflict between good and evil which wages eternally within every person.

In 1983, John Hall, Rocket Norton, and Skip Prest wrote and performed Visions: Mission Andromeda as The Experimental Warrior to sold out shows at the Vancouver Planetarium, and with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Drummer Rocket Norton and keyboardist John Hall have performed in many Vancouver bands, including the Seeds of Time, The Rocket Norton Band, H.U.N.N., and Juno Award-winning PRiSM. Rocket Norton wrote a book of his experiences called Rocket Norton: Lost In Space. The printed book is sold out, but an eBook version is available at Amazon.

Guitarist Skip Prest also performed in many Vancouver bands including Juno Award-winning Sweeney Todd and REVOLVER: The World's Greatest Beatles Tribute Band.

We have recently released the studio album with the symphony orchestra plus the entire live Planetarium show as an extended track through CD Baby, iTunes,, and soon through Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rhapsody, and other popular music services.