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What Type Of Video Is For You?

Here are a number of different types of video projects that may help you achieve your goals.

Public Presentations

Are you a public speaker? Do you make presentations at conferences and meetings? Video can capture these presentations for sharing and promotion. We can blend presentation slides with your presentation to help deliver your message.


Do you demonstrate techniques or provide workshops in your area of expertise? These can be captured and shared using video to help market your services, establish credibility, or simply to teach something. Presentation slides and multimedia items can be incorporated to make effective videos.

Project Profiles

Do you have a special project that you want to present to others? Video can be perfect for sharing.

Special Events

Do you have a wedding, birthday, family reunion, or other special event that you would like to capture and share? We can capture these events using multiple cameras.

Music and Theatrical Performances

Do you have a concert or theatrical production that you would like to capture? We can record the audio on multitrack and use multiple cameras to capture and share the event.

Music Videos

We have created a few fun and quirky music videos.

Marketing Videos

Do you have a product or service to promote? We can create one or more videos for use in product launches and presentations.

Travel Videos

Video is perfect for capturing travel adventures.

Public Service Announcements

Do you have a cause or mission you want to promote? Video can help.

Real Estate

We can present you and your properties for sale or lease in video.

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What video projects do you have in mind?

Contact Greg Dixon,, to talk about how vide can help you.