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Audio and Video Nirvana for Your Events

I have put on many concerts and events over the years, often providing sound system, audio recording, and video capture of the event. Usually some thing work well and others could be done better. I think I have found the right combination of tools and techniques.

Recently I volunteered to provide a sound system for a fundraising event. I brought a Bose L1s system to provide incredibly rich and clear sound for audience and musicians. I provided a monitor for the musicians, but they were not needed.

I use a Presonus StudioLive mixer that could record multitrack to a laptop. I also connected to the mixer using an iPad, allowing me to go to different areas of the room and tweak the sound. I could change the overall sound contour of the 32 band graphic EQ with the sweep of a finger.

The video below uses an audio track created from the multitrack recording. Although a second video camera, better background and lighting would have helped with the video, this is pretty good for a one-man volunteer event.

I will use the Presonus mixer, laptop, iPad, one or two Bose L1s, and two or three video cameras for producing future concerts and events.

Do you have a concert or event to present?

Contact Greg Dixon at or 1-604-985-8261of you are looking for a team to produce your event at reasonable rates.