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English language Resources

Why Study English?

True ease in writing comes from art,

not chance,

As those move easiest

who have learned to dance.

— Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

The ability to write clear and comprehensible sentences is probably the most important and useful skill in today's world. Essays, job applications, resumes, research papers, reports, and other written communication will be better received and respected if they are free of grammatical errors, misspelled words, and ineffective sentence structure.

In some situations, grammatical errors can prevent a paper from receiving a passing grade, cause you to be passed over for a job or promotion, or close the door to an academic institution. Consistently poor writing will pull down grades and limit opportunities.

English is a rich and varied language that permits considerable latitude for creative expression: few of the rules of grammar are written in stone. However, there is a great difference between blundering ahead in the dark with little regard for convention and choosing to use language in an effective, though unconventional manner. The more options the writer has to choose from, the better the writing.

The philosophy behind Exploring English is that the first step in understanding how effective sentences are constructed is to identify the parts that work together to create a sentence. The tutorial portion of this program is designed to help the user become familiar with the terms used to discuss language. The tutorial, based on definitions and examples, uses menus, hypertext, and hypergraphics to provide many options that spare the user from the tedium of a purely sequential tutorial.