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English language Resources

Site Navigation Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you explore the site:

Comprehensive Menus

A new menu system provides flyout menus to access all of the site content and special features. The new menus may not work with adaptive software, so the there is a hidden link to the left of the menus that will allow you to switch to the old system.

Section Links

Links to associated sites appear in the footer, below the copyright notice. You can click on the links to change sections.

Site Map

The Site Map provides a list of the active content on the site grouped by type and category. Simple sites will only list articles. Other sites may also use photo and product galleries and reviews.


You can enter a word, phrase or part of a word into the text field and click the Search button to search through the site content. The search mechanism is much simpler than is used by search engines such as Google, so single words or specific phrases work best.


Regular articles will have a link to Translate to Other Languages. The link uses the Babelfish translation utility originally provided by AltaVista and now provided by Yahoo. Along with search engines and email, this is very impressive technology! The translations are not perfect and will often amuse native speakers. Still, the translations are usually useful and something of a miracle to even come close using machine translation on the fly. Wow! You can click here to translate these tips.

Resizing Text

All browsers will allow you to increase the size of the text in the browser by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the + key. Holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the - key will reduce the size of the text. Ctrl key and pressing the 0 key will return the text to normal size. Apple users can use the CMD or Apple key.