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Shared Visions Unlimited Sites

The web site you are viewing is presented using a dynamic site engine that I have developed over many years for myself and clients. Some of the features include:

  • Database content that can be edited with a browser control panel.
  • Use of Cascading Style Sheets to control appearance.
  • Widescreen friendly layout that resizes gracefully.
  • Easy navigation that apparently works well with adaptive software such as JAWS.
  • Search engine friendly presentation.
  • Simple search across articles, gallery items, and reviews (if used on the site).
  • Support for various video formats, including QuickTime, Windows Media Video, Flash!, and YouTube.
  • Links to translate to any language supported by Yahoo! Babel Fish translation services, including many European and Asian languages.
  • Optional support for the following:
    • Gallery for displaying photos, art, or products for sale.
    • Support for sections. For example, sites such as Exploring English are sections of the main Shared Visions Unlimited site.
    • E-commerce shopping carts.
    • Integration with reviews.
    • Configurable advertising section for Amazon, Google, and others.
    • User security to restrict access to specific pages. This can be used to support subscriptions or to have secure areas for staff.
    • Membership and mailing list support.
    • Online surveys and exercises called Explorations.

Some of the sites currently using variations of the dynamic site engine include:

Future plans include integration of exercises and surveys.