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How to Support Exploring Music

Exploring Music is in early days of expansion. Future plans include:

  • More articles and reviews
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Online memberships
  • Online registry for a Musical Showcase Cooperative
  • Online registry for performers interested in performing at house concerts and homeowners interested in hosting house concerts.
  • More ...
How You Can Help
  • Write articles, reviews, and tutorials to add to the site.
  • Become a sponsor of the site. Sponsors will receive a listing on a sponsors page with optional contact information and links.
  • Purchase ads on the site.
  • Buy a recommended book or other product from Amazon by following the links from the ads and reviews. Shared Visions Unlimited gets a small commission. Donation links to the Mission Gospel are simply a way of giving back to the community.
  • Make a donation through PayPal. You can click on the Donate button to the right. Anything helps.
  • Any ideas you may have.
Greg Dixon