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Blind Rhymin Cornbread

Louisiana – Present Day

The year was 1933 – prohibition had just ended, the clouds of war were gathering in Europe, Ruth Bader Ginsberg was born in Brooklyn and somewhere in the Deep South, Delta bluesman “Blind Rhymin Cornbread” was touring speakeasies and gin mills with his band “The G-Men”. The group toured in support of their album “Black, Blind and Blue” which had been recorded (and was owned outright) by a syndicate from Baltimore.

Busting his balls on the “Liver and Kidney Circuit”, Cornbread became known for his tough, honest approach to blues music as well as for being a soulful singer, blind since birth.

He also became known for holding the life-long belief that he is, in fact, a black man.

He is not. Never was.

Many say Cornbread ended up in prison. Others claim he is buried underneath Shea Stadium in New York City as a result of nefarious dealings with the likes of Jimmy Hoffa. But the few who knew him well say he returned to the enigmatic place of his birth, Spanky’s Slough, LA, the exact location of which has never been known.

Then, in the sweltering summer of 2006, inspired by a copy of “Black, Blind and Blue”, bought at a church thrift sale in Vancouver, Canada, amateur journalist and blues enthusiast Michael McCray set out in search of the legendary Cornbread.

McCray’s dogged search for the bluesman led him into the marsh and farmland of the Mississippi. Along the way, McCray found the children of the original G-Men, whom he decided to pass off to Cornbread as members of his once-great band… The cat is blind - he’s gonna know?

After weeks of driving dirt roads, McCray found Spanky’s Slough and Cornbread’s shack. This video chronicles his meeting with Cornbread, the “reunion” performance of the G-Men and provides a once-in-a-lifetime look at life behind the minor chords.

As the footage and interviews show, “Blind Rhymin’ Cornbread” is very much a white man. He is either the victim of a lifelong fraud or else completely, bat-shit crazy.

Searching For Rhymin Cornbread

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