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Thankfulness Meditation

Sometimes the key to success and serenity is very simple. Here is a simple meditation that you can practice any where, any time.

Ideally you are in a quiet place sitting in a comfortable position. However, you could be driving in busy traffic or waiting in line somewhere.
  • Take an easy deep breath.
  • Give thanks for the breath.
  • Let out your breath slowly and naturally.
  • Repeat many times.
Without forcing either your breath or your thoughts, think of people, things, and events to be thankful of after each breath in. For example:
  • Thank friends and family for being in your life.
  • Thank the world for sunsets, flowers, music, and other things that inspire and challenge you.
  • Give thanks for your own personal gifts, such as your interests, your talents, and your contributions to the world you live in.
  • Give thanks for any opportunities and challenges that you face in your daily life.
Finally, end by thanking your breath again, repeating as many times as seems comfortable.

Thank You