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Pitch Meditation

This simple meditation will help with ear training and pitch control.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Place a digital chromatic tuner where you can see the results. An application like SingInTuna for the iPhone or other smart device is great for this as well.

  • Breath in naturally and fully.
  • Give silent thanks for the breath.
  • Release the breath slowly.
  • Repeat until fully relaxed.
  • Breath in naturally and fully.
  • Think of a pitch, such as D.
  • Release the breath, singing the pitch in a comfortable range.
  • Watch the pitch with the tuner.
  • Repeat many times, aiming to keep the pitch correct and smooth.
  • Try other notes, possibly working up and down a scale, one note a breath.
  • End by giving thanks for the sound.