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Brett Manning's Singing Success Review

You may have heard of Brett Manning's Singing Success program. Singing Success Online - Online Video LessonsThere is a Singing Success affiliate program, so there are many sites promoting the CD/DVD programs and online video tutorials. I was looking for a program and came across a glowing review. From there I went to the Singing Success web site. After reading the descriptions and many testimonials from successful professional singers, I signed up for the online video tutorials.

The online tutorials are in the form of video segments with an instructor and a student. Usually there is a narrow focus for each lesson. Typical videos run between twenty-five and fifty minutes. There are hundreds of videos classified as either Beginner or Advanced. There are shorter, edited versions, available to non-members on the site and on YouTube. You can also sign up for Free Stuff in the form of an email newsletter with links to HD video.

I recently took the plunge and purchased Brett Manning's Singing Success 360 program.

The program is a refinement of decades of coaching to thousands of singers, including many Grammy winners and many contestants of The Voice and American Idol.

As Brett says, it will take you three days to find your voice and thirty years to master it. From what I have seen so far, this program will take you anywhere you want to take your voice if you put in the time. Amazing production, downloadable, streamable, and very comprehensive for all genres and styles.


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Mastering Mix - Advanced Systematic Vocal Training Program

Brett Manning has also released a new program called Mastering Mix for advanced singers and various other targeted programs. Of course, almost any decent program will offer benefits if you practice. I am better at looking for new tools than actually practicing enough! However, I will give the online video lessons a fair shot and perhaps I too will be able to offer some promising before and after examples :-)

You can hear some of the before examples at

Please check out some of the resources at the Singing Success website and YouTube, such as this interview with Hayley Williams of Paramore:

And Brett Manning's Three Top Vocal Tips

—Greg Dixon