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Welcome to Exploring English

logoExploring English provides resources and advice to help adult and young-adult learners understand English grammar and style elements.

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25 Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills
10 Commonly Misused Words

Writing Jobz for English speaking writers and MBA Essay tips

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Welcome to Exploring English
Explore the rich aspects of the English language, including the parts of speech, sentence structure, challenging words, style guidelines, and punctuation..

Online Writing Tools
Use a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, online dictionary, and wikipedia to help your writing.

Other Recommended Sites
Recommended tools for exploring English.

Evolution of the English Language
Amazing exploration of the history of English.

Style Overview
Style introduction

Victor Borge and Dean Martin On Punctuation
Video of Victor Borge and Dean Martin teaching punctuation:-)

Recent Reviews:

The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
Investigation into how humans develop and acquire language.
Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage
An entertaining and informatative guide to style usage.

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
Looking for a few choice phrases? The Oxford Book of Quotations is full of quotations from many great writers.
The Gregg Reference Manual
The Gregg Reference Manual provides a comprehensive and practical guide to English usage and conventions.

The Story of English
The Story of English takes you through the history of the English language to help explain the rich diversity of spoken and written English around the world. A video series based on the book has been presented on various television networks.
Figures of Speech: 60 ways to turn a phrase
Figures of Speech: 60 ways to turn a phrase provides a fun departure into rhetorical figures of speech.

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