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This section of Exploring English describes English verb tense.

Verb tense is the expression of the time frame for the action of the verb. The form of the verb expresses the time frame.

Present Tense. [The action occurs in the immediate present]:

He stops the puck.

Present Progressive Tense [The action is ongoing in the present]:

He is stopping the puck.

Past Tense [The action occurred in the past]:

He stopped the puck.

Past Progressive [The action is ongoing in the past]:

He was stopping the puck.

Perfect Tense [The action extends from the past to the present]:

He has stopped the puck.

Past Perfect Tense [The action occurred at a time prior to another past time]:

He had stopped the puck.

Future Tense [The action will occur]:

He will stop the puck.

Future Perfect Tense [The action will have already occurred at a point in the future]:

He will have stopped the puck.

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