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Showy blooms (even repeat flowering), great foliage colour & texture make these mid to large Geraniums a must in the border or where you wish in sun to part shade.

Geranium 'Ann Folkard' Geranium 'Ann Folkard'

Zone 5. Turkey, Caucasus. Height 60cm. (2') Spread 1.2M. (3 1/2'). This is a very popular and relatively rare Geranium. It has one of the most impressive flower colouring of all Geraniums. The flowers are large, bright magenta with a striking black center. The new foliage is chartreuse in colour greening up as it ages. With its' rambling habit it is ideal to spread and fill in the gaps in the garden. It is late to come up in the spring, but it starts producing its flowers in early summer and blooms right through to the fall. Grow this Geranium in good garden soil in semi-shade. Any serious Geranium fancier should have this plant in their collection, though it is somewhat temperamental.

Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir Purple'

Zone 3. Kashmir. Height 60cm. (2') Spread 60cm. (2'). This is the purple form of this excellent perennial Geranium. The flowers are a deep purple with a shimmer of blue or mauve. Dark veining shows through on the petals. It is similar in growth habit as Geranium 'Kashmir White' and should be grown in semi-shade or a cool sunny site.

Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White' Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White'

Zone 3. Kashmir. Height 60cm. (2') Spread 60cm. (2'). These large white flowers have pale violet veining and bloom in spring. It is an extremely showy Geranium in bloom with large butterfly-like flowers on finely cut foliage. It is a very popular Geranium among perennial enthusiasts in Europe! It prefers average garden soil in semi-shade.

Geranium endressii

Zone 3. France, Spain. Height 50cm. ( 1 1/2') Spread 1 M. (4'). The deep chalky pink flowers bloom from spring through fall above shiny mid-green leaves that are semi-evergreen in winter. Sun to semi-shade.

Geranium himalayense (grandiflorum)

Zone 6. Himalayas. Height 50cm. ( 1 1/2') Spread 60cm. (2'). The large bowl-shaped, sky-blue flowers have a hint of violet and are translucent in the center. It is one of the largest flowering Geraniums that blooms from spring through summer. It spreads underground, but is not invasive. Sun to semi-shade.

Geranium himalayense 'Plenum' Geranium himalayense 'Plenum'

Zone 6. Height 40cm. (1 1/4') Spread 60cm. (2'). This is one of the few truly double Geraniums around. It has violet flowers in spring. It thrives in rich soils in sun or semi-shade.

Geranium ibericum ssp. jubatum

Zone 5. Turkey. Height 45cm. (1 1/2') Spread 50cm. (1 3/4'). These rich violet flowers are held pointing upwards in spring. It has incredible foliage that is hairy and beautifully textured. It is drought tolerant and suited to sun or semi-shade. It is one of the parents of Geranium x magnificum.

Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'

Zone4. This is a hybrid of Geranium himalayense and Geranium pratense. Height 50cm. (1 1/2') Spread 60cm. (2'). These sky-blue flowers are profuse in spring. The plant resembles Geranium himalayense except that the foliage is larger, more deeply cut, and the flowers are more open. It is considered by many to be the #1 Geranium for perennial borders. Semi-shade to sun. (Ruys 1950)

Geranium x magnificum

Zone 5. This is a hybrid of Geranium platypetalum and Geranium ibericum and is often sold as Geranium ibericum platypetalum. Height 60cm. (2') Spread 80cm. (2 3/4'). The very floriferous, large flat flowers are a rich violet on the blue side. The large, deeply veined, velvety foliage is extremely attractive the rest of the year. The name is truly appropriate for this plant. Sun to semi-shade.

Geranium X oxonianum 'A.T. Johnson'

Zone 4. Height 50cm. (1 3/4') Spread 1 M. (4'). This Geranium looks very much like Geranium endressii, only it is much more vigorous and has larger bright dusty pink flowers from spring through fall. It is an excellent filler or backdrop plant in a mixed or perennial border. Sun to semi-shade.

Geranium X oxonianum 'Anmore'

Zone 4. This is a hybrid of Geranium endressii and G. versicolor as are all the G. x oxonianums. Height 50cm. (1 3/4') Spread 90cm. (3'). This one has lustrous silver pink flowers from spring through summer. The foliage is an incredible light olive green. Sun to semi-shade. It is another of selection from Phoebe Nobles' Garden.

Geranium X oxonianum 'Phoebe Noble'

Zone 4. Height 45cm. (1 1/2') Spread 1.2M. (4 1/2'). This plant was found in Phoebe Nobles' garden in Victoria, BC. it has deep lipstick pink flowers from spring through fall. The plant performs very well with continuous bloom and clean looking foliage. Sun to semi-shade. It is a popular Geranium in England still considered the darkest G. x oxonianum, a real showstopper.

Geranium X oxonianum 'Rebecca Moss'

Zone 4. This is a NEW cultivar that is the palest of all G. x oxonianums ( G. x 'Anmore' is a very close second). The good sized flowers have silver pink colouring. It has the same cultural needs and habit as G. x 'Phoebe Noble'.

Geranium platypetalum

Zone 5. Turkey, Iran. Height 25cm. (10") Spread 40 cm. (14"). The incredibley flat, royal-purple flowers are produced in the spring. The foliage is deeply veined, giving it a leather-like appearance. It should be grown for its foliage effect as well as its flowers. It is a restrained grower that never looks untidy.

Geranium pratense Geranium pratense

Zone 2. Europe, Asia. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). The large saucer-like flowers are deep sky blue. They bloom in spring. It will re-bloom in late summer if the finished flowers stems are cut off. The tropical-looking foliage is in a clump at the base of the tall sturdy flowering stems that do not need staking. This is a versatile Geranium suitable for the perennial border or the woodland garden in sun or shade.

Geranium pratense 'Mrs. Kendall Clarke' Geranium pratense 'Mrs. Kendall Clarke'

Zone 2. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). This is an unusual form of Geranium pratense with sky blue flowers that have translucent veining throughout. It is a more compact grower and is later to bloom than other G. pratense. It is well worth having as a novelty Geranium in a perennial border or woodland garden!

Geranium pratense 'Pale Blue'

Zone 2. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). This G. pratense has baby blue flowers that are nice to blend in with pink Peonies or deep violet Delphiniums. It has the same cultural conditions as G. pratense.

Geranium pratense 'Sliver Queen'

Zone 2. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). The soft lavender pink buds fade to the purest white when open. The stamens are a striking lavender violet which contrast well against the white flowers. (Ingwersen 1946)

Geranium pratense 'Striatum'Geranium pratense 'Striatum'

Zone 2. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). The garden gnomes in charge of painting went wrong on this one. The flowers are the purest white with violet blue splotches and splatters, each flower is different. It is a novelty and a conversation piece. It is not quite as tall and robust growing as the species.

Geranium pratense White with Rose Veinings

Zone 2. Height 1.5M. (5') Spread 40cm. (1 1/2'). this is a delightful form of G. pratense with palest pink almost white flowers with rose pink veining. It is similar in habit and requirements as the species.

Geranium psilostemon

Zone 6. Armenia. Height 1M. (4') Spread 1M. (4'). The magenta pink flowers have a black center. It blooms from spring through early summer. It has large, bold foliage with tall flowering stems. Remove the flower stalks when finished for a repeat bloom. It is a favoured perennial for the larger perennial border or use it as a focal point and is excellent with silver or black foliaged plants. Sun to semi-shade.

Geranium psilostemon 'Bressingham Flare' Geranium psilostemon 'Bressingham Flare'

Zone 6. Height 75cm. (2 1/2') Spread 1 M. (4'). This plant is floriferous and because it seems to be sterile, blooms for a very long period of time. The flowers are a dusty pink with a dark eye, each petal is slightly crinkled. It prefers average garden soil on the well drained side in semi-shade to sun. (Blooms Nurseries 1973).

Geranium X riversiealanum 'Russell Prichard' Geranium 'Russell Prichard'

Zone 8. This is a hybrid of Geranium endressii and Geranium traverii 'Elegans'. Height 40cm. ( 15") Spread 75cm. (2 1/2'). The flowers are a brilliant rose pink produced all summer long. This plant just smothers itself in flowers. The soft silver-green foliage is an asset too, remaining in a clump in the center while the flower stalks cascade over pot edges or walls. It prefers full sun in average to well drained soil. It can be grown like an annual in a container or hanging basket.

Geranium swatense

Zone 6. Pakistan. Height 50cm. (1 1/2') Spread 50cm. (1 1/2'). The flowers are a vivid violet pink with a white eye. They are produced all summer long. The loosely upright clump blends well with other perennials or use it in a large rockery. It prefers sun to semi-shade in well drained soils.

Geranium transbalcalicum

Zone 2. Siberia. Height 50cm. (1 1/2') Spread 60cm. (2'). This Geranium resembles G. pratense though it has much finer foliage and is more compact in its growth. The sky blue flowers bloom for a long period of time starting in early summer.

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