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By Tony Buzan and Barry Buzan
Reviewed by Greg Dixon

Published by E P Dutton, September 1, 1994, ISBN: 0452273226

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Tony and Barry Buzan have explored a powerful way of expressing thoughts called Mind Mapping. The basic technique is to combine lines, text, and images to represent related ideas and concepts. The Mind Map Book presents detailed descriptions of how to use a wide range of Mind Mapping techniques to a myriad of uses.

Some applications of Mind Mapping include: Making Choices, Organizing Your Own Ideas, Organizing Other Peoples Ideas, Memory, Creative Thinking, The Group Mind Map, Self-Analysis, Problem-Solving, The Mind Map Diary, Family Study and Story Telling, Educational Thinking, Teaching, The Master Mind Map, Business and Professional Meetings, Presentations, ...

The book is full of mind-maps created by individuals, including the following:

Example Mind Map

I have encouraged my children to use Mind Mapping with their school projects. I will experiment with providing Mind Map indexes for Shared Visions Unlimited and the Knowledge Explorer Centre. I think these techniques can be very helpful across many applications.

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