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Friends of Park & Tilford Gardens
Information of interest to the volunteers who help make the gardens better!

We have a new site at

This site contains a wide range of content:

  • Information about the FOGs.
  • A calendar of events and descriptions of past and future events.
  • Newlsetters.
  • Articles about tours and other topics of interest.
  • Photos and video.
  • Information about the plant sales.
  • Links to utilities to help manage the plant sales.
  • Historical archives of photos and stories about the gardens.

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You can find the site by entering in the address bar.

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Recent Items

Recent Articles:

Job Descriptions - Spring Sale
Detailed description of all jobs on Plant Sale Day

Plant Sales
Information about the plant sales organized and presented by the FOGs.

Information Needed for filling in Cheat Sheets
Detailed information about how to fill in cheat sheets

Advertising for the Spring Sale
How to advertise for the Plant Sale

Recent Gallery Items: