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See Review2012 Songwriter's Market
Adria Haley (Editor)

A great collection of markets, resources, and advice for song writers.
Published by Writers Digest Books 2012,  ISBN 1599632322 [Book,Kindle] See Review 

Available at or or Kindle Store

See ReviewArtist's & Graphic Designer's Market : The Most Trusted Guide To Selling Your Art
Mary Burzlaff Bostic

Market for artists and graphic designers, including valuable advice and thousands of listings of places to sell your Illustration, Fine Art, Graphic Design & Cartoons.
Published by North Light Books November 2012,  ISBN 159963614X [Book] See Review 

Available at or

See ReviewChildren's Writer's & Illustrator's Market
Chuck Sambuchino (Editor)

Listings and informative articles for artists, illustrators, photographers, and writers interested in marketing their work for the preschool and young adult audience.
Published by Writer's Digest Books September 2012,  ISBN 1599635992 [Book] See Review 

Available at or or Kindle Store

See ReviewNovel & Short Story Writer's Market, 2004
Anne Bowling (Editor)

Provides many resources and markets for novel and short story writers.

Published by Writers Digest Books October 2003,  ISBN 1582971935 [Book] See Review 

Available at or

See ReviewWriter's Market 2008
Edited by Robert Lee Brewer and Chuck Sambuchino

Provides a large collection of resources and markets for a wide range of writing genres.

Published by Writers Digest Books 2007,  ISBN 1582974969 [Book] See Review 

Available at or

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